ADR Exam

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ADR – Driver Training Certification for Drivers of Vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods
Exam Format
To obtain ADR Basiskurs in the UK, you need to do 3 days training and there are 120 exam questions to answer.
To obtain "Tanks" in the UK, you need to do 1,5 days extra training and there are 20 extra exam questions to answer.
To obtain VN Klasse 1 in the UK, you need to do 1 day extra training and there are 20 extra exam questions to answer.
To obtain VN Klasse 7 in the UK, you need to do 1 day extra training and there are 20 extra exam questions to answer.
To pass the exam at least 70% must be answered correctly


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Timeframe for Sitting the Exam after Training
Candidates who have attended an app roved course must sit the associated examination within 12 months of their course . A candidate attending a refresher course must sit and pass the associ ated examination ( s ) before the ex piry date on their current certificate. Otherwise, after that date a candidate for examination must attend a full initial Basic (3 - day) and if required, a Tanker specialisation (2 - day) course before being allowed to sit the examination again. A candidate may attempt an exam twice on ly (i.e. one repeat) - after which they must attend the relevant training course again before being eligible to take a further exam.
Renewal of Driver Training Certificates
A Driver Training Certificate may be renewed at any time in the final year of the certificate for an additional 5 years extension of validity. It is recommended that candidates attend the refresher course and examination as early as possible in the 12 months prior to the expiry of their current certificate so as to allow adequate time for repeat examina tions and courses if necessary. Time remaining on a certificate is not lost by sitting early as the 5 year extension is added to the current expiry date and not from the date of the exam.

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ADR FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What if my writing/spelling are poor?
Don't worry, all exam papers are 'multiple choice'. There is no actual writing involved you just have to fill in a box to indicate the correct answer.

Does ADR EXAM mark the exam papers?
No, these are sent to SQA the day after your course has finished.

How long before I get my results?
About 4/6 weeks. If you have passed, your ADR certificate will be sent direct to your home address by the DVLA. shortly after, Transed will confirm your results either to you or to the company that has sent you on the course.

Can I carry dangerous goods as soon as I have been trained?
No, you must be in possession of your ADR certificate - and remember this should be carried with you at all times when transporting dangerous goods.

What if I fail?
You only have to retake the module(s) you have failed. We will contact you/your company with a list of alternative dates for you to retake the appropriate part of the course and the exam.

Do they tell you which questions you got wrong?

How long will my ADR certificate last for?
Your certificate will be valid for 5 years. It must be renewed sometime between the 4th and 5th year - no earlier than 12 months before the expiry date but you must take a refresher course no later than 4 weeks before it is due to expire.